Back at it again with the ideas of the day

Back at it again with the ideas of the day

Back at it again with the ideas of the day

I said I was going to try to do 3 ideas per day. I’m not sure how many days I’ll be able to keep thisĀ up for. I managed to think up of some pretty decent ones this time, but it was tough. I had a lot of fun thinking of these! Hopefully you have just as much fun reading my 3 ideas of the day!

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Drone seeding and watering

  • Drone comes equipped with a “dock to refill container” and a sprayer
  • The sprayer isĀ used to spray seeds or water out
  • Drone files to seed bin and fills up container with seeds
  • Drone plants seeds and records where it plants them
  • Drone flies to water bin and fills up container with water
  • Drone routinely flies and checks plants for dryness
  • If the plant needs water then the drone applies water to it

Knot sensing back massager

  • Massager builds a topological map of your back
  • Massager connects to smart phone
  • You can mark painful areas of the map on your phone
  • Massager uses optimal vibration pattern given the size and placeĀ of the knot, taking into account user preferences
  • Mobile appĀ is used to recommend stretches that help the areas.
  • Option to send the map to your chiropractor for visit scheduling / advice

Smart water bottle

  • Bottle has Bluetooth connection and level sensor
  • mobile app connects to water bottle.
  • notifies you every 5 minutes that the bottle is empty
    • allow user to configure a time window this setting is active
  • provides drinking statisticsĀ for sharing and comparing
  • Warns you when you’re not drinking enough water