I have ideas all the time. I usually don’t write them down. Usually they’re terrible. Sometimes I tell people. That’s usually when I’m informed of a fatal¬†flaw, or that someone else already did it. I don’t mind. Criticism helps me come up with better ideas. That’s why I want to start doing 3 ideas per day.

Teachme chatbot

  • Uses chatbot ai, web crawlers, semantic alysis, NTLP, and reinforcement learning to build a personal teacher
  • Talks to you about your age, interests, current education, goals etc.
  • Searches online for resources related to your interests and goals
  • interests web crawler
  • google, wikipedia, and interests related sites
  • educational sites
  • Analyzes pages to identify core concepts
  • Builds a learning graph where each concept is preceded by concepts you should understand before.
  • learning graph generation via semantic analysis. Words that are frequently used to explain a word are considered dependencies.
  • Navigates you through the knowledge graph, presenting you with questions after each node.
  • Questions are generated via a question generation network
  • Users provide feedback on questions, helping to train the network
  • Allows users to ask questions about topics and finds others who know the answers to those questions. Answers are used to train the teacher.
  • Connects learners with willing mentors

DJ Bot

  • Uses a thermal camera, crowd movement ai, stylistic transfer neural nets, and a sound system to create an automated DJ experience
  • Crowd movement AI provides feedback to a mixing AI that uses stylistic transfer technique, as well and generative networks to mix and produce music that the crowd enjoys.

Group me chat

  • A chat website where you input multiple phrases that you’re interested in talking about. You are placed into a chat with others who used the same phrase.
  • Spinoffs
    • hide the grouping phrase, so the chatters must figure out which phrase grouped them all together. They wouldn’t be allowed to type out any words from the phrases, otherwise they’d be moved to a different room, unless the phrase they said was correct
    • One of the chatters is a bot. The humans must figure out which one is the bot.

Thanks for reading

3 ideas a day!

3 ideas a day!

I love ideas. I enjoy coming up with them. Hopefully you enjoy them too! Let me know in the comments what you think of these ideas, or perhaps some ideas of your own!