Programming is fun

Programming is fun

So you want to learn to program?

Write some code? Build an app? Make a website? Awesome! Maybe I can help. I taught myself programming and I think that anyone can learn it. If you invest the time and actually play with it, you will learn. Interested?

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Programming – High Level Overview

I’m going to do a series of posts with the goal of teaching you to code. I’ll start out super simple, generic, and vague. Then I’ll explain programming concepts rather than any language specific topics. Next I’ll start with a high level view of the concepts, so you know where we’re going. Then I’ll cover the basic concepts, which will be combined to show more complicated concepts. Eventually the picture will be filled in, and you’ll understand the concepts. With mastery of the concepts all languages become trivial to learn.

Puzzle out the examples

After I give the overview of the concepts, I’ll start with examples. I learned to program from reading code and trying to puzzle out what it was doing. Hopefully you get some benefit from this as well. Make sure you mess with the examples. Change them around. This will help more than anything.

Video summary

With each post, I’ll include a video explanation, that way those who learn better from videos than reading can benefit. If you have comments or requests or maybe you’ve got a better way of explaining something, let me know in the comments or on twitter. By no means am I the authority on programming. I am just trying to share my knowledge. Hopefully this helps others to learn and progress.


  • I’m doing a blog series where my goal is to help you to learn to program
  • I’m going to start with the basic concepts.
  • I’ll show examples with the concepts
  • I want you to try and figure out what the examples are doing
  • I want you to modify the examples
  • I’ll include a video with each post.
  • Hopefully I can help you.

Lets get to it!

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