3 software ideas:

I had a couple of software ideas today. I listened to a Software Engineering Daily podcast that was about developers making money from their side projects, so I think that influenced me. Link for those interested. This is a part of an ongoing series where I try and come up with 3 ideas per day. This exercise stimulates creativity and is fun and often more challenging than I expect. Let me know what you think of these ideas in the comment section below 🙂

software ideas - ideas of the day

software ideas – ideas of the day


  • This is a programming game. Sort of like lightbot, but 2D and with the goal of teaching functions
  • Use functions to move a dot to it’s goal
  • functions can move dot up down left right
  • functions can also split the dot, for puzzles where multiple dots must be used
  • all dots must be on their corresponding destinations for the level to be beaten


  • This is an app that helps you work on your main focus areas.
  • Users list what they’d like to focus more on life
  • the app walks the users through picking blocks of time where they could potentially focus on something
  • app suggests that you work on one of your focus areas during your blocks of free time
  • app has triggers and integrations to detect when you are doing your focus activity
  • app connects you with others who are trying to do more of what you’re trying to do more of


  • Tests your familiarity with the basics of a given software development stack.
  • Asks you to answer questions or provide code snippets to accomplish basic tasks for a given stack.
  • Times your responses and runs code against unit tests.
  • Statistics are generated so that you can see your proficiency in a stack, and find things you need to work on.